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Filmmaking through the eyes of an editor

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What Can I Do For You


How Can We Work Together?


Film Editing

If you need a story-driven editor who values collaboration and is eager to tell stories that change lives, I’m here for you.

I enjoy working with clients from all over the world and remote workflow is my daily bread. 



Learn the basics of the craft with Editing Quarks or how to boost editing efficiency and build a habit of deep work in your editing bay with The Editing Chef.


Private Coaching

​Do you have a short film or a documentary you’d like to talk about? I’d love to see it and discuss what approach could be taken to elevate the story. Do you want to discuss technical aspects like the workflow you should implement? I’d be only glad to help.


Yellow Ticket


Yellow Ticket is my short film project we shot in October 2023.

It's the story of a teacher who cares deeply about his students. He wants to infect them with his passion for one of the greatest writers alive - Fyodor Dostoyevsky. But the indifference he faces in one of the boys, makes him cross the line of what's socially acceptable.

I was always what they call “a maths person” and for a long time, I avoided fiction books. Especially at school. This story is loosely based on a lesson that made me want to read Crime and Punishment (and all major Dostoevsky’s works as a result).

A strong teacher figure is invaluable. A good educator can completely change the trajectory of our lives. I believe this happened to me and I know this happened to a lot of people.

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