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The Cast


Meet our wonderful actors and their characters


René Zagger

as Mr. Valentine

Everyone can point to at least one teacher in their life who made all the difference…

Mr. Valentine (48) is a literature teacher in a bilingual school based in Poland where he imparts his knowledge and passion for literature.

He's a remarkably complex character, embodying the dual nature of a teacher who deeply cares for his students while simultaneously grappling with the wear of his personal journey. He cares more about what he believes his mission is than about social status.

His tactic for getting students' interest has always been thorough preparation, which is what earned him the title of Teacher of the Year. He enjoys provoking students with interesting anecdotes, but it was also this approach that led to his breakdown during his final lesson about Dostoyevski.

Michael Zieliński

as Jeff Lewy

An 18-year-old who's made an art out of avoiding the daily grind. Work has yet to make an appearance on his agenda, and he seems to be doing just fine without punching the clock. Don't mistake his lack of an achievements for naivety, though. Jeff's got a sharp mind that he wields with confidence.

Cocky but not foolish, he treads the fine line between self-assured and overconfident. He's the kind of person who walks into a room like he owns the place, and somehow, you can't help but be intrigued by his audacity. Jeff's social acumen is his secret weapon, and he enjoys pushing the boundaries of what's socially acceptable. It's not rebellion for the sake of rebellion; it's a calculated game of testing limits and challenging norms.

His approach to life might raise a few eyebrows, but there's an undeniable charm to his devil-may-care attitude.


Alicja Wieniawa-Narkiewicz

as Rosie

Rosie is a cheerful, ambitious and modest student, who is well-liked by teachers for her positive demeanor and intelligence. She has a keen mind and is not afraid to articulate her thoughts with assertiveness. Whether engaged in class discussions or expressing her opinions on various matters, Rosie exudes a quiet confidence that commands attention.
Her ability to evaluate information, consider different perspectives, and draw thoughtful conclusions sets her apart.

Aleksandra Szkołda

as Frankie

Frankie is a popular girl who effortlessly goes with the flow, and her opinions often align with the majority.
Her charismatic presence and ease of social navigation position her as a strong contender for the title of prom queen. The admiration she receives from numerous boys reflects her widespread appeal, making her a central figure in the social scene.
Frankie's influence extends beyond mere popularity; it is a testament to her ability to resonate with and reflect the sentiments of those around her. As a potential prom queen, she embodies the spirit of the majority, making her a notable and influential presence in the social dynamics of her peer group.


Paulina Chapko

as Clair Broadway

Claire is a young, ambitious teacher with a brief career history. She strives to make a positive impression on both students and faculty, dressing elegantly yet provocatively.

Claire, driven by a deep-seated ambition, is determined to climb the social ladder. Armed with a keen awareness of the importance of social status, she strategically navigates various spheres of influence to elevate her position in society.

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